Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wall by Nils Frahm

Recorded as an Improvisation. Single take, no overdubs. 'Wall' is taken from the new album by Nils Frahm – 'Solo'. Revealed on Piano Day as a free download and available on CD/LP/DL. Fans can donate to the special piano project which will enable Nils and piano builder David Klavins to create the Klavins M450, the tallest piano in the world. Read More here: www.pianoday.org “Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.” – Nils Frahm HOW WILL YOU CELEBRATE PIANO DAY? create your own piano events with friends or simply share your videos, poems, photos - anything that is piano inspired. don’t forget to tag us in your posts! Instagram – #pianodayofficial Twitter – http://ift.tt/1AXR8dk Facebook – http://ift.tt/1CuFLRc Email – share your fun stuff with info@pianoday.org