Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clandestino 048 - No Strings Attached by Clandestino.

Scotland has long been a hot bed for underground electronic music; they really know their stuff up there and plying their trade longer than most are respected DJs and promoters Steve Cass & Justin Wilson with their No Strings Attached parties. Now in their 20th year the list of guests appearing alongside them is endless and the longevity of NSA is down to them constantly pushing their sound and bringing back the artists they personally like to hear. Based in Galashiels, south of Edinburgh the duo use a small basement in their local football club with a capacity of only 120. Guests have included Andrew Weatherall, Slam, Ivan Smagghe and Justin Robertson and they have also hosted numerous parties in the Scottish capital including A Love From Outer Space. NSA never stick to one genre expect; anything from weird disco to techno and the odd classic thrown in with this fine mix for us.