Monday, September 14, 2020


В треке звучит голос Майи Кристалинской. Диалог в начале трека взят из к/ф "Три тополя на Плющихе" (Татьяна Доронина и Олег Ефремов). Текст первого куплета: Опустела без тебя Земля... Как мне несколько часов прожить? Так же падает в садах листва, И куда–то все спешат такси... Только пусто на Земле одной Без тебя, а ты, Ты летишь, и тебе Дарят звезды Свою нежность...

Thursday, September 10, 2020

#SlamRadio - 412 - Slam - Slam

A new Slam mix on Slam Radio which features our brand new project Strange Dayz. Available exclusively only on Bandcamp. The focus of the new project is to bring some positive energy in these dark times we live. The series will be monthly and the first volume is live now on our Bandcamp page. Hear it here=> Full Tracklist (Facebook): Full Tracklist (Reddit): Archive on Mixcloud: Subscribe to our podcast: Keep up with SLAM: Keep up with Soma Records: For syndication or radio queries: Slam Radio is produced at If you enjoy this music and like receiving it every week - if you want to support Slam as artists please consider making a small donation to the cause here:


Here's something a little different from my usual, hope you dig. Download: @dropwizz

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Lost in Infinity - Coska

Coska - Lost in Infinity Manna Borg - lead and backing vocals Robert Engstrand - synthesizers, drum programming and backing vocals Mixed and Produced by Robert Engstrand Mastered by Tuomas Salmela English lyrics adaptation by Manna Borg Original song "Perdu dans l'infini" by Toxic Written by Bruno Emsens and Bernard Meeus © 1988

P.N.D.A - Daydream Highway - Future City Records

Can't Bring Me Down - PRIZM

Bisou sur la joue - LÜNE

Oooooh heeeyyy yyoooo that's a neewww traaacckkk ahaa !! Bisou sur la joue means "kiss on the cheek" moooh so cute ! <3333 Visualizer on Youtube :

22 FPS - JPJジェイ・ピー

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Lost Boy 1984 Ft.Diar Storm - Consume - So French Records

The Summer Time vol.10 compilation is out now: The amazing Summer Time compilation vol.10 is out now with more than 21 original songs, the summer time is the reference of the summer compilation! 21 amazing artists, from house to electro, from pop to french touch music, the best music and quality artist of the moment!♥ Buy on Beatport exclusive: Buy the CD limited edition: The Sea, the sun and Summer time!♥

Hush Pt2 - SymbolOne

Thursday, August 27, 2020


How Much A Body Can Achieve - MOWUKIS

Undo Me And the futures I hold This rhythm I should know, my storie's told Dismantel the prose, untethered and exposed Just leave it a blank space Close the door Make it unclear, make it vulnerable I'd like to hear the birds Or whatever grammar the world kept from me Don't spell it I suppose Don't lower, don't oppose What are the odds I missed the score I'm the tree's branches and open core Untangle me Drill through the floor Spread the news that I'm out for a stroll And won't come back Walk past me Turn around We're crossing a red line We've left the track Defy the percentage All bodies at the edge of merging inside me Half this, half that You made your way Now wreck it all Don't leave a single tower standing Put on display One last call Then destroy the neighboor's house, wall to wall from Was this part of what you believed?, releases September 17, 2020 MOWUKIS is a solo project by Louis-Louise Kay. Written, composed, performed by Louis-Louise Kay & Angèle Towt. Mixed and Produced by Louis-Louise Kay Mastering by Cem Oral at "Jammin Masters" / Berlin Recorded at [partial:order] / France MARE NOSTRUM Records

Neon Capital - 1985 - italo disco forever and more

Neon Capital - 1985 Performed by: Neon Capital. Written by: Martin Bøge Pedersen, Jakob Weise Hellum. Produced by Martin Bøge Pedersen, Jakob Weise Hellum. Sax by: Thomas Edinger. All other instruments by: Martin Bøge Pedersen, Jakob Weise Hellum. Mixed by: Martin Bøge Pedersen. Mastering by: Cass Irvine (Wired Masters). Digital Single : Neon Capital - 1985 Neon Capital : ABOUT: (Source: Neon Capital) '1985' is a RetroWave track inspired by classic movies coming out of the 80s. 1985 was the year when "Back To The Future" came out and changed the way we look at skateboarding and Delorean's. We tried to capture that vibe mixed with a touch of "Kavinsky" and "The Midnight".

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Soviet Soviet - Prince, Prostitutes - Mannequin Records

MNQ 033 Soviet Soviet - Summer, Jesus LP LIMITED EDITION 300 COPIES, SOLID RED COLOUR CD edition previously on Tannen Records:

Night Drive - Drones - Night Drive

Monday, August 24, 2020

The Unkown - Lukas Lundh

For better quality and download visit:

Gryff - Dreams - GRYFF グリフ 🌹

Get Gryff's new track "Dreams" here: MERCH:

Tropikal - Saturday Night (produced by Northern Lights) - Northern Lights Productions

GUNCON (feat. Sewerslvt) - ALEX Written, produced & engineered by ALEX. A collaboration with Art by Andrew Tremblay.

Jennifer Laura & Devon Russell - Traffic Jam - Merchant Records

Jennifer Laura & Devon Russell - Traffic Jam Rightousness / Traffic Jam USA 🇺🇸 1985 Want to follow Merchant Records? Click the links below. ❤️ Instagram: Youtube: Facebook:

Thursday, August 13, 2020

04 Heavy Wave - Motorama

Recorded at home in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, September 2014 Written and arranged by Vladislav Parshin Mixed and Mastered by Vladislav Parshin and Maxim Polivanov Cover photo by Irene Parshina

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Rose - Moderator

Beat for "Tea Session" compilation album. Spotify:

#hi - gvantsa

Friday, July 17, 2020

Lorraine - CFCF

some warm sounds for you and that *special someone*