Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Retro Redux - Assembler 2084

***EDIT OPTIONS*** @ Headphones >:ON @ World >:OFF Remember the good times? Y/N >:Y System updated. >:_ Released March 5, 2021. Composed, recorded and produced by Assembler 2084. Get it at Bandcamp:

In The Kitchen #6 - Spaghetti Bolognese - daemit

Did you like my new mixtape ? Hit the ♥ and Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it ! Follow daemit on: - Soundcloud: @dae-mit - Instagram: - Facebook: - Mixcloud: Plant-based Spaghetti Bolognese recipe to be announced... Artwork: Spaghetti Bolognese by Cécile Ducourant Tracklist to be announced...

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cool Raoul - Soda Water - Kitsuné Musique

Stop searching. Discover this month's refreshing music here: Suscribe to Kitsuné Musique here : Song by Cool Raoul - Soda Water Artwork by Stefania Tejada Follow Cool Raoul Follow Stefania Tejada​​ Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… : Soundcloud : @kitsunemusique Facebook : Twitter: Instagram:

Polarity - Blut Own

Listen & DL:

Volor Flex - Beyond The North Wind - Volor Flex | Trampique

Monday, March 22, 2021

Duñe x Crayon - Save Yourself First - Duñe

@duneofficial x @crayonoff - "Save Yourself First", last single of their debut album "Hundred Fifty Roses" out may 22 on @RocheMusique.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Hell Bell - Luca Agnelli

Axel Picodot - Fight - BLACK/PLAGUE

Axel Picodot lays down on our label Black/Plague for his annual Techno homemade meeting. "Fight" takes the elementals of 90's era hardtechno, Shranz inspired, adding vocal distortions to uplift the dancefloor Close your eyes, and imagine yourself able to accompany us in this warehouse record, hammered by the percussions and the galloping drums

Daydream - I HATE MODELS

PREMIERE : Ready In LED - TMO (Lovelock Remix) - Les Yeux Orange

Electronic project Ready in LED has to be the Ukrain’s answer to Roisin Murphy. She is the multi-talented goddess Olya Dibrova, a singer and sound producer out of Kiev, with a penchant for vintage synths. Trained classically on the piano, she has been for some years, a program manager at ISLND Radio as her day job. In her spare time, she’s a gear geek in the studio and at night before the world stopped spinning, this disco princess is a well known face on the party circuit. The Ukranian scenester’s music is driven by neon pop, powerful synth-wave, analog bass, the romantic piano solos of Tchaikovsky, and just a little bit of Kylie. The ‘Unreal’ project features a wide range of disco. From NYC garage inspired ‘TMO’, to the highly sensual ‘Feel’. The main disco bangers are ‘Whatever’ and the super mega - 'Only Tonight', surely a Harvey future classic that’ll have you reaching for the sky and looking up at the Disco ball. The four original cuts are treated to some killer remixes from a star-studded line up that kicks off with a monstrous banger from Gerd Janson. The Running Back boss delivers a prime- time bomb with shades of New Order throughout. Norwegian Disco don Prins Thomas, goes full on synth cascades and percussion with live bass and cowbells on his dancefloor deadly Diskomiksof ‘Only Tonight’. Music For Dreams boss man Kenneth Bager applies his beautiful Balearic touch to a more downtempo version of ‘Feel’. Lovelock tackles ‘TMO’ and goes in the direction of epic space funk, adding live drums and guitar strings. This is New York musician Steve Moore (Kompakt) in his solo synth-disco project moniker. All four originals are included for your listening pleasure. They were recorded in 2020 at the Kiev studio, Artreform Records. The mixing engineer is no less than New York’s Justin van der Volgen. What a team! buy :

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

PREMIERE: Jesse Bru - Life's Alright [Happiness Therapy] - Houseum

Available on YouTube: Label: Happiness Therapy Artist: Jesse Bru Format: Vinyl & Digital Cat Number: HTLP01 Album Title: The Coast Release Date: December 11th, 2020 Buy/Stream : Exclusive merch: Jesse Bru: Happiness Therapy: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Houseum:

Premiere: Mild Minds - VIEWS (Laurence Guy Remix) - Magnetic Magazine

Laurence Guy remixes Mild Minds 'VIEWS' for a melodic and ravey cut. Artist: @mildminds Remixer: @laurenceguymusic Album: MOOD Remixes Release Date: 9/25/20 Premiere:

Seasonal FX - Otik

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Never Stop (feat. Ollie Wride) - FM-84

Add to your Spotify or Apple Music playlists and support it on Bandcamp if you can. Written by Col Bennett and Ollie Wride. Vocals and lyrics by Ollie Wride. Produced, engineered and mixed by Col Bennett. Guitar elements by Chris Huggett. Mastered by Steve Gillson. Artwork by Hollis Brown Thornton. Copyright © 2017 FM-84. All rights reserved. I wake up every night Where the dreams are the same Taken by my fear With a different face They can drag me to surrender I won’t change Chased down by a car Without a hand at the wheel Crash into my heart And I got nothing to feel And I raise my hands As daylight breaks the chain All I want to know is Are we back now fighting from the same side? All I want to hear is The sound of your voice on the airwaves tonight Coz it’s high time we decided Ooh, ooh, ooh we get the feeling it’ll never stop, never stop Ooh, ooh, ooh, come over and tell me it’ll never stop, never stop I look up to a sign At the end of my street Time ain’t gonna heal you Like you wanted to be Gonna take you down and Try to break your skin See you standing there At the end of my dream Come and cut the cord Pulling at my seams How’d I get so lost How did I get so lost? All I want to know is Are we back now fighting from the same side? Yeah, all I want to hear is The sound of your voice on the airwaves tonight Coz it’s high time we decided Ooh, ooh, ooh, we get the feeling it’ll never stop, never stop Ooh, ooh, ooh, come over and tell me it’ll never stop, never stop Ahh you can keep to your track and I would fall back in line But if I could see you smile, darling I would never stop Never stop again How’d I get so lost How did I get so lost. Chorus repeat Never gonna stop Never gonna stop with you

Manatee Commune - Thalassophobia - Bastard Jazz

Buy / Stream: Bandcamp: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Deezer: -------------------------------------------- Emerging from the depths of a secluded basement studio packed to the brim with analog gear and assorted world instruments, Grant Eadie aka Manatee Commune returns to dry land with a track from his own personal journey. Inspired by the very blue & clear lake on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington called Crescent, the EP is 4 tracks of the deep, natural electronic music that Grant began his career, but shows a a maturity of sound as he continues to evolve as a producer. The EP kicks off with "Mossy Corners" - a pulsing & haunting downtempo track, incorporating whispers of vocal samples from Manatee, a swirling synth line, with piano and acoustic guitar creeping in just under the surface, next up is the previously released single "Majestic Diver", a bouncy dancefloor jam with a hint of grit & warmth. "Thalassophobia" is a glittering, subaqueous joint with Grant's vocals chopped and warped both low and high, while "Pools" wraps up the EP with a sound evocative of late 90s IDM music, with a big drum break weaving in and out, building towards a vibey end. A beautiful return to form for this young producer.

Norton Commander (All We Need) - Men I Trust Model : special thanks to our friend Lawrence Dickerson Lyrics: My friend, you know you had your time a while But I’m willing to give you mine Few things we both have, keep us alive My life and our true love Is all we need... I don’t want to feel A world against our love I don’t want to grow old A lone broken heart

Caribou - Like I Loved You - Caribou.

Mija - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)⎜House Kitsuné America - Kitsuné Musique

Suscribe to Kitsuné Musique here : Kitsuné Musique is back with a new compilation focusing on the best up-and-coming North American artists, and it's celebrating the golden era of house music from Chicago, New York, Detroit and more. Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… : Follow Mija Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music… : Soundcloud : @kitsunemusique Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Shop :

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Boris - On & On (Original Mix) [Toolroom] - Boris NYC

Celebrating 15 years of one of Dance Music's most recognisable and truly international independent labels. Avoiding a retrospective reflection of the label's classic tracks, achievements and catalogue, Toolroom are proud to present an album of all new exclusive material written by some of House music's freshest talent alongside established genre favourites, including Mark Knight, Booka Shade, Tube & Berger, Format:B, Danny Howard, Eelke Kleijn, Dosem, Rafa Barrios, DJ S.K.T, GotSome, Weiss, Raumakustik, David Keno, Rebuke, Mendo, The Golden Boy, Harry Romero, Adrian Hour and many more. 70 club-ready tracks from some of our most respected and favourite artists. Completing the bundle are three full-length mixes which edit and reconstruct these productions, offering a seamless journey through the genres Toolroom have become world famous for; House, Tech House & Techno 15 years. 15 parties. 1 essential album.

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Wish I Was Dead - Moderator

Pre-order the new album: Stream on Spotify:

I'll Try Anything Once (The Strokes Cover) - Kid Francescoli

Photo © Colin Lane Lyrics: Ten decisions shape your life You'll be aware of five about Seven ways to go through school Either you're noticed or left out Seven ways to get ahead Seven reasons to drop out When I said, "I can see me in your eyes" You said, "I can see you in my bed" That's not just friendship, that's romance, too You like music we can dance to Sit me down, shut me up I'll calm down and I'll get along with you There is a time when we all fail Some people take it pretty well Some take it all out on themselves Some, they just take it out on friends Oh, everybody plays the game And if you don't, you're called insane Don't, don't, don't, don't, it's not safe no more I've got to see you one more time Since you were born in 1984 Sit me down, shut me up I'll calm down and I'll get along with you Everybody was well dressed And everybody was a mess Six things without fail you must do So that your woman loves just you Oh, all the girls played mental games And all the guys were dressed the same Why not try it all If you only remember it once? Ooh, ooh Sit me down, shut me up I'll calm down and I'll get along with you Written by Julian Casablancas