Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Volor Flex - Train To Shanghai (2019) - Volor Flex | Trampique

From "On The Roof" EP by Volor Flex Pre-order of "On The Roof"

Volor Flex - Dalian Sunset - Volor Flex | Trampique

Volor Flex - Dewdrop Artist: Volor Flex Label: SEALT Catalog: S36 Released: 22.08.2020 Type: LP Style: UK Garage, Ambient, Electronic, Lossless, Downtempo Bandcamp -

Volor Flex - Nilk (2012) - Volor Flex | Trampique

Friends, you can support Volor Flex by donating any sum you want for release of 2021 album! PayPal - Thank you, one and all!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hazel - Vilde

Produced by David Pye. Lyrics: There’s a resolution, caught you in the bar. Underneath the light, highlighting all of the scars. I was in no position, but I was overjoyed. Hazel, turn your cards up, legs uncrossed, dealer spat you down. Honest, law abiding, do your best, come to be spat out. There’s a resolution, where you’re the theatre star. Hold on to the reins, it’s getting, profane. Onus ain’t around, it’s getting lame. On another plane, uncoupled. Physical and dry, hiding from the rain.

Monday, January 18, 2021

O Future - And You're Mine - ONE / HALF

"We made this song during covid, so it has those emotional swoops and valleys of both good and bad whirling it’s way around the song. It is obviously a straight up love song, and I wrote it with elements of beauty, intimacy, time and ownership of the beloved as the main legs of the song. The sub current, as for a lot of things I write about deals with intensity and excessive hyperbolic intimacy and 12th century hermit emotions. Sometimes we hear the song and it seems to us like a soft kiss on a lightning storm island. And then the metadata comes roaring through and it's almost also a song about a homicidal train wreck, or like a crystal vase being dropped in slow motion. It also, can be all things at once."

Ladytron - Playgirl [2001] - Nettwerk Music Group

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Fall Time - Baseball Gregg

I fear you, oh life Lesson to commend I would love you to know Which airline my dog and my wife prefer Well, I don’t wanna take sides Otherwise I’ll cry all night And I don’t think I am ever gonna stop Abusing TV and wine Only in Fall time Sentimentalism’s dead And I don’t feel that well Could you hold me in your arms While I am still shrinking My lungs are about to collapse If only I had listened to what She said On a cruise, life is a matter of gambling Fear or wisdom? Well, I don’t wanna take sides Otherwise I’ll cry all night And I don’t think I am ever gonna stop Abusing TV and wine Only in Fall time And when the wind calms down A wild feeling of despair I am cruising out tomorrow Am I late? Well, I don’t wanna take sides Otherwise I’ll cry all night And I don’t think I am ever gonna stop Abusing TV and wine Only in Fall time

Sigh Guy - yungatita

I'm a sigh guy I'm disappointed so I sigh, right? song by: Valentina Zapata // yungatita mix & master: Gil Simo guitar: Ernie Gutierrez bass/video still: David Lopez drums: Christian Gurrola synth/keys: Gil Simo/ Valentina Zapata

Feels - Bergstein

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Tim Schaufert - Am I The Only One (feat. Seven) - Tim Schaufert

Follow me: Spotify: iTunes: Soundcloud: @timschaufert Instagram: Twitter: Follow Seven:

to the sky/w8bite - AnnN

Bucky - Twist Of Fate - Bucky

Pre-Save Spotify: Hope you guys enjoy and support if you do, it makes a real difference to an independent artist and is appreciated. Bless x

PREMIERE : Valere - Rise Feeling - Les Yeux Orange

Valere is a young French DJ producer of electronic music, here is his first track called Rise Feeling, powerful and melodious, she will make you travel. He is part of the French house music collective « ardn » and appears on their first Various Artists « Bateau Ivre EP » which you can find in the link above.

NV - Let Me Do You (Mitch Murphy Edit) - Mitch Murphy

NV - Let Me Do You (Mitch Murphy Edit) Recorded from the 1984 vinyl and re-arranged using the original version and the great Shep Pettibone dub and of course brushed everything up a bit. Downloads are enabled.

Kevin Morby - Harlem River ( You Man Edit ) - YOU MAN

๐Ÿš€ OUR UNOFFICIAL EDIT ‘HARLEM RIVER’ - KEVIN MORBY ๐Ÿš€ OUT NOW ON OUR SOUNDCLOUD! ➖ We want to share with you an edit we made during the lockdown ๐Ÿ’™ hello @kevinmorby ‘Harlem River’ Have a nice celebration and ciao 2020 :)

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Pensees - Eclectica - Pensees

New single "Eclectica". Listen / Download: Follow @Pensees:

Euphoria [More on Bandcamp] - Blut Own

Hello! The last release this year. You can listen to the full release and buy it on bandัamp

Toof - Dekrim [FREE DL] - ec2a

Happy New Year to all the pirates around the world for all the crazy love and support we've received! Here's a little gift from @toofsthlm via ec2a for the start of the New Year. Lets pray we can start hearing all of these tunes in the dance soon..

Reimagined - Kauf

Funky! 'Miyo' Chan - Masaaki Hirao - delirious music