Sunday, April 19, 2015

O. Chapman - Best Friend by Art Is Hard Records

7" hand cut record, limited to 25. Available from our site from 1pm, 17.04.15: Part three of our Hand Cut Record Club and on to someone who we’ve been invigorated with ever since we heard the opening bars of Relapser - a riffing shoegaze pop masterpiece that perfectly juxtaposed huge sounding guitars with Oliver’s softly sung verses. It was hard to escape the song, everyone we knew and trusted were sharing the song. So we’re delighted to be welcoming O. Chapman to the fold with his new single Best Friend. Stepping up from the bedroom productions showcased on the Discomfort EP, the track was recorded with Theo Verney back in February and Oliver is also backed up by 2/3 of Our Girl. Featuring the same aspirin added wooze and swelling choruses that seems to have become the customary sound of the Brighton noisemakers, Best Friend is a song with a seemingly simple message but many levels to lose yourself in. Just as with Discomfort, the Kurt Vile’esque melodies remain as Oliver sings of the sort of friendship so strong, that you’d do anything for them - even if the other half does have their faults. As with previous Hand Cut singles, Best Friend will be released on lathe cut 7″ and limited to 25 copies. The 25 copies will be available from our shop here at 1pm today! We’ve already had an email from a girl threatening to bomb our office with cockroaches if she doesn’t get a copy so I’m imagining they’ll go pretty fast. If you do miss out, don’t forget that we’re involved in Record Store Day this year and will be featuring on the Sensible Labels 12″ alongside heroes such as Alcopop, Big Scary Monsters and Howling Owl. We’ve got a new Best Friends track on there, I watched them play it last night and it’s a banger plus the record is only £10....I’ll stop with the hard sell now!

Pinduca - Vamos Farrear (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - free download! by Daniel Haaksman

The state of Pará (located in North-East of Brazil in the Amazon area) has long been a hotbed for musical innovations. Due to its remote situation, the area for long did it´s own thing. As Brazilian styles such as samba and forró came in from the south of the giant country, sounds like merengue, calypso and cumbia flowed in from the north in equal measure. Those influences poured into the region´s first home-grown pop music movement in the 1970s, when artists like Pinduca adapted the rainforest´s traditional Afro-indigenous carimbó rhythm to a dance band format. The super musical hybridity of the carimbó is one reason why the genre had a pan-Latin-American appeal for various decades. The other reason: It´s great party music, and its anthem is undoubtedly Pinduca´s "Vamos Farrear" (Portuguese for "Let´s roam"). Praising the joy that drinking cachaça can bring, "Vamos Farrear" is Brazil´s 1970s pre-cursor to Riva Starr´s "Yesterday, I got drunk". Daniel Haaksman has now created the contemporary update of this great Brazilian anthem in a club friendly edit that already smashed dancefloors on his recent tour through New Zealand and Australia. Play it out loud, and make sure those cachaça´s are downed!

6. Lovesick Fuck by Mura Masa Buy: Stream: Watch: someday somewhere EP

Philip Selway - Coming Up For Air by Bella Union

Driven by FOXTROTT

Lead single off of FOXTROTT's debut album "A Taller Us", coming out later this year on One Little Indian.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

June by Horsebeach

Taken from our self titled debut LP.

Buy here:

Florence + The Machine - As Far As I Could Get by FATMVenezuela

As Far As I Could Get es el nuevo tema Exclusivo de Florence + The Machine que esta incluido En la edición en Single de "What Kind Of Man" Vendida el día de hoy 18/4 en el evento anual "Record Store Day" Tambien estara incluida en la edición "BOX SET" Del el próximo disco de estudio de la banda "How Big, How Blue. How Beautiful" Download Link for us : Lerta: [Verse 1] In the celestial vaults I drew bedraggled breaths Because I am unloved I went as far as I could get In the cedars like sparks Wasting my goddamn time Past the museum of death And the mad man yelling answers I sail on new beginnings And psychics taking chances In the cedars like sparks Wasting my goddamn time [Chorus] As far as I could get I went as far as I could get In the cedars like sparks Wasting my goddamn time [Verse 2] Past the spires and the temple Looking like a Disney castle As far as I could get Past the girls late for rehearsal Oh, a pirate on the left And Jesus on the right And the Pacific sweeps through Like a bird in flight [Chorus] [Bridge] Cause if I am unloved, I have unloved too Cause if I am unloved, I have unloved too [Chorus] As far as I could get I went as far as I could get I went as far as I could get I went as far as I could get [Verse 3] Past the city and the cement The cemetery standing still Past the mountain and the monument The houses and the hills Past the signs and the sirens The sinners and the saints I went as far as I could get... Past the hallowed and the horror The humbled and agreed I went as far as I could get Cause if I am unloved, I have unloved too [Chorus] As far as I could get As far as I could get As far as I could get And I'm not far enough yet [Chorus] I went as far as I could get I went as far as I could get I went as far as I could get And I'm not far enough yet x 3

Iji-Hard 2 Wait by Team Love Records

New album, "Whatever Will Happen," out June 2, 2015

Jenny Hval - Sabbath by Sacred Bones Records

Taken from the album "Apocalypse, girl" out June 9th on Sacred Bones. & Su Tissue (Norway). Preorder & download this track instantly: Watch album trailer directed by Zia Anger: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tour Dates:

Some Surf by HUSBANDS

We've written a number of NBA/OKC related songs, including a song about when Serge went down in the Western Conference Finals. Neither of these songs are about the NBA. However, the GOAT diction makes it into one of Danny's songs here. I'm not sure who the GOAT is in this song, though. "Some Surf" was one of the five songs we recorded - at least in part - last November in Nashville, and I'm really happy we shaped it up into publishable form.

Coasts - Modern Love (RAC Mix) by RAC

Coasts - Modern Love (RAC Mix) Remix by André Allen Anjos. Original by Coasts. Follow RAC

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Al Green - Love And Happiness (A Mean Fiddler Regroove) by Mean Fiddler


ZeitlupenUwe | my house of love | by ZeitlupenUwe ☁

Trackliste und mehr: Danke an Klangextase für die Möglichkeit und trndmusik für die Berichterstattung… <3

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Heavy Weather by Billie Marten

Billie Marten's new song 'Heavy Weather' is out now. iTunes - Spotify - Pre-Order limited edition 7" - Follow Billie Marten: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Tumblr: Website:

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Song For Obol (Daytrotter Session) by Arborea

Arborea's song 'Song for Obol' from Arborea's Daytrotter Session January 31st, 2012. Recorded in Rock Island, IL. Engineered by Mike Gentry Original recording on Arborea's 2011 release 'Red Planet'

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

re:deep feat. Frère - Careless (Preview) by Vordergrundmusik

Beatport: iTunes: 15-04-15 Video: We celebrate our first anniversary with a new 2 track collection by re.deep. For the first time he is teaming up with a rising singer/songwriter by the name of Frère, of the Ruhr region. His moody but elegant vocals match perfectly with re:deep's mesmerizing mix of electronic beats, impulsive bass lines and harmonic guitars; two tense and moody grooves that are filled with energy!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Taigai - Look by Taigai

#Future Garage #Taigai #FutureGarage #Chillstep #Bass #Music #Slough #GoneWind #Shahriyar #Moment #Astra #Electronic #House #Look

Attic Fowler - Bradford Beach by FallBreakRecords

New track from Attics Fowler's upcoming sophomore effort "City Hall". To be released April 14 by Fall Break Records!

Send High by GrovesUK

Produced by Richard Formby Come to our night, Late Night Grooves, on April 25th in Brixton: tickets here (all booking fee profits go to charity):

So Far, So Deep by Hunck

Ivan Garcia-2:32 p.m. by ivan garcia

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Dream On x Jofo by Trouble Andrew

GUCCIGHOST.COM @troubleandrew @therealjofo

Reporters x Santigold by Trouble Andrew

Reporters by †rouble ∆ndrew x Santigold

Marcus Intalex exclusive promomix GIVE ME A BREAK edition 1 by One87

GIVE ME A BREAK ! >>> Edition 1 <<< Quality Drum'n'bass at De Kreun Line up >>> MARCUS INTALEX, Soul:R, Metalheadz, Uk PRESHA, Samurai Recordings, De One87, Star Warz Hookerz, Steam Subtronic & Brainzzz, Tacticz Hosted by Mc Mush Doors : 23h ('till 05h) More info + tickets : Also tickets available at Brooklyn Kortrijk, Waregem, Roeselare & Gent !

Dark Rider (feat. Charlotte Savary) by My Faust