Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pinduca - Vamos Farrear (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - free download! by Daniel Haaksman

The state of Pará (located in North-East of Brazil in the Amazon area) has long been a hotbed for musical innovations. Due to its remote situation, the area for long did it´s own thing. As Brazilian styles such as samba and forró came in from the south of the giant country, sounds like merengue, calypso and cumbia flowed in from the north in equal measure. Those influences poured into the region´s first home-grown pop music movement in the 1970s, when artists like Pinduca adapted the rainforest´s traditional Afro-indigenous carimbó rhythm to a dance band format. The super musical hybridity of the carimbó is one reason why the genre had a pan-Latin-American appeal for various decades. The other reason: It´s great party music, and its anthem is undoubtedly Pinduca´s "Vamos Farrear" (Portuguese for "Let´s roam"). Praising the joy that drinking cachaça can bring, "Vamos Farrear" is Brazil´s 1970s pre-cursor to Riva Starr´s "Yesterday, I got drunk". Daniel Haaksman has now created the contemporary update of this great Brazilian anthem in a club friendly edit that already smashed dancefloors on his recent tour through New Zealand and Australia. Play it out loud, and make sure those cachaça´s are downed!