Sunday, April 19, 2015

O. Chapman - Best Friend by Art Is Hard Records

7" hand cut record, limited to 25. Available from our site from 1pm, 17.04.15: Part three of our Hand Cut Record Club and on to someone who we’ve been invigorated with ever since we heard the opening bars of Relapser - a riffing shoegaze pop masterpiece that perfectly juxtaposed huge sounding guitars with Oliver’s softly sung verses. It was hard to escape the song, everyone we knew and trusted were sharing the song. So we’re delighted to be welcoming O. Chapman to the fold with his new single Best Friend. Stepping up from the bedroom productions showcased on the Discomfort EP, the track was recorded with Theo Verney back in February and Oliver is also backed up by 2/3 of Our Girl. Featuring the same aspirin added wooze and swelling choruses that seems to have become the customary sound of the Brighton noisemakers, Best Friend is a song with a seemingly simple message but many levels to lose yourself in. Just as with Discomfort, the Kurt Vile’esque melodies remain as Oliver sings of the sort of friendship so strong, that you’d do anything for them - even if the other half does have their faults. As with previous Hand Cut singles, Best Friend will be released on lathe cut 7″ and limited to 25 copies. The 25 copies will be available from our shop here at 1pm today! We’ve already had an email from a girl threatening to bomb our office with cockroaches if she doesn’t get a copy so I’m imagining they’ll go pretty fast. If you do miss out, don’t forget that we’re involved in Record Store Day this year and will be featuring on the Sensible Labels 12″ alongside heroes such as Alcopop, Big Scary Monsters and Howling Owl. We’ve got a new Best Friends track on there, I watched them play it last night and it’s a banger plus the record is only £10....I’ll stop with the hard sell now!