Thursday, February 27, 2014

Machinedrum - Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix) by Ninja Tune

Rustie remix of Machinedrum's "Back Seat Ho", taken from the Fenris District EP -

Ninjashop / iTunes / Amazon

The album 'Vapor City' available on 2LP / CD / DL -

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Sign up for Vapor City Citizenship at

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LOST SOCIETY - Lethal Pleasure by NuclearBlastRecords

TERROR HUNGRY, out on April 07th (UK), April 15th (NA), April 04th, 2014 (EU) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pontiak - Innocence by Thrill Jockey Records

out now

The first 500 LPs are pressed on white vinyl. For a limited time all mail-order customers ordering the CD or LP edition of INNOCENCE will receive the 44 minute Heat Leisure bonus CD.

La Résidence #18 - Deluce (Live @Batofar - Paris) by All In Records

Episode 18 de notre série de Résidences. Cette semaine on vous présente un récap' sonore de notre Aperoboat15 qui s'est déroulé le 13 février au Batofar - Paris. On passe donc à une heure et demi (3x30min) pour se remémorer cette soirée qui vous a bien fait bouger grâce à nos trois artistes : Apolline d'Ash, Deluce et Dalton John !

fabio scalabroni - hello strange podcast #029 by hello ▼ strange

fabio scalabroni - [ ] + [ ]

Monday, February 24, 2014

Histibe - So Far (LifeandTimes Edit) by Histibe

The newest drum & bass compilation album by Ukrainian record producer Histibe. It includes forward-thinking artwork by Joe Perez (DONDA) and a modern minimalistic video, "So Far" (directed by Julius Dettmer, premiered on JAY Z's Life+Times). This is the second compilation of the Mask Movement label which covers works of the early period of Histibe's music production career. Track by track, you can find yourself in the world of the drum & bass from 2007-2013, with the elements of techno, techstep and neurofunk sounds. Be sure to check the previous release from the Mask Movement catalogue called "Take The Form (Rare Edition)" and stay tuned for the future projects on ! Order ‘Millennium Drum N Bass’ Digital Album: iTunes: Beatport: Juno: Watch the Official Video for 'So Far' on JAY Z's Life+Times: Watch the Official Video for 'Late Night 2.0' on Vimeo Staff Pick: Watch the Official Video for 'Elements' on BBC Music Video Festival 2013: Download 'HISRMXBOX' Mixtape for free:

Saturday, February 22, 2014


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Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Dose Heartcast 001: Motif by LOVE DOSE RECORDS

To celebrate the launch of the Love Dose debut EP, Motif creators of one of the exclusive tracks have put a set together which shows what they and Love Dose are all about. The finest cuts of house music are mixed as a taster of what can be expected from the production duo when turning to the fine arts of DJing. The HeartCasts represents the melody driven house side of the label, the forthcoming DropCasts will epitomise the nasty techno end of the musical spectrum. MOTIF/WOKEYE LDR001 EP (LOVE DOSE RECORDS/LDR001) RELEASE DATE: 17/03/2014 TRACKLISTING: 1. Motif – Silicon Serenade 2. Wokeye – Roll the Dice

TVD's The Idelic Hour - All Folk'd Up - 2.21.14 by The Vinyl District

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Behind Your Shades (rework) by ANORAAK

My own rework of "Behind Your Shades", here is how i play it live, i hope you'll like it! Available on the "Behind Your Shades EP" along with a @Cyclist edit and the track "Torino Grande" Stream the entire EPs and LPs Get it on Itunes booking:

Indian blankets by CrashAvenue

Wickerbird is the solo folk project of Blake Cowan, started in the wilds of Washington State as a means of relating the understanding he found there, wandering the mountains. Wickerbird is distilled daydreams, wrought within the sleepy, lo-fi ambience of tranquil, wistful guitars and cavernous, haunting harmonies. Track widget embedding disabled.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DORFJUNGS Podcast 010: Ludwig Zibell by DORFJUNGS

Number 10 mixed by our friend Ludwig Zibell from Supermoll

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lune 'Tonight' by refunerecords

Taken From The Forthcoming Album 'Music & Sports' Released March 10th 2014 on Refune

TODD TERJE - Delorean Dynamite (album version) by toddterje

Pre-order "IT´S ALBUM TIME" and receive instant grat download of "Delorean Dynamite". Release date 7th april (EU) and 8th april (US). Digital pre-order worldwide: Pre-order UK: Pre-order US:

301C Symphony EP (Permanent Vacation) release date 10th Jan by Lord Of The Isles

Sunday, February 09, 2014


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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Atlantic Thrills - Acid Rain (almost ready records) by Almost Ready Records

Atlantic Thrills - "S/T" debut out 2/4/20014 on Almost Ready Records. Bathrobe Sally she stand around waitin’ for a stranger she never found gonna walk her dog up and down the street hopin’ for someone to meet you gotta keep on that’s what you do keep on pop a pill or two keep on through the acid rain keep on till it melts your brain alright Gully Lopes got his name shootin’ dice playin' the game he’ll take you for a little ride gonna take for more than your pride you gotta keep on that’s what you do keep on pop a pill or two keep on through the acid rain keep on till it melts your brain alright Punk Rock Suzy she real sweet unless you cross her then she get mean she take it all coke ‘n speed yeah she take it all oh yes indeed you gotta keep on that’s what you do keep on pop a pill or two keep on through the acid rain keep on till it melts your brain alright

Tweens - Be Mean by Frenchkiss

Tweens' self-titled debut album out April 8, 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

Young Hearts by Strange Talk

Get the single, "Young Hearts" and 5 other songs instantly when you pre-order the upcoming album, Cast Away.

Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang Of 1974

From 'The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V' - available now. For more information visit Soundtrack now on iTunes featuring "Sleepwalking" from the forthcoming TCGO1974 LP 'Daydream Forever' available February 4th 2014. Watch the trailer here:

Monday, February 03, 2014

Major Lazer - Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Major Lazer [OFFICIAL]


The Honey Trees - "Nightingale" by TeamClermont

RIYL: Other Lives, Daughter, Wye Oak, Camera Obscura, Au Revoir Simone Release Date: April 8, 2014 Contact: Alyssa at TeamClermont dot com More info: Four years. That’s how long California dreamy-pop duo The Honey Trees’ debut LP has been in the making. Such a careful, diligent, even leisurely pace is virtually unheard of in today’s music landscape, where the hype machine churns ever faster. But The Honey Trees weren’t looking for hype; they were looking for magic. And magic takes time. With Bright Fire, Becky Filip and Jacob Wick finally cast their charm. Ambling and melodic, The Honey Trees’ latest collection of songs conjures a world filled with golden-hour sunlight and meadows echoing with birdsong. The lyrics, rich with imagery of the natural world, are nestled in warm, lush production from Jeremy Larson, (Mutemath, Sleeping At Last, Switchfoot, Sucre) with whom the band spent a month recording in Springfield, MO, last year. “He essentially took our music to another world,” the band says of Larson. “He helped us achieve the magical, dreamy, otherworldliness we always strive for when writing music.” Building on the songwriting skill and bell-clear voices they showcased in their 2009 EP, Wake the Earth, (recorded with The Civil Wars producer, Charlie Peacock) The Honey Trees have grown into a fuller sound, embellishing tracks like the mournful “Siren” with cascading strings and populating Bright Fire with little bursts of horns and other trimmings. As always, however, the vocals are the backbone of every song, with Becky’s crystalline voice sharing duties with Jacob’s smooth tenor and effortless falsetto as they explore themes of love and loss. Bright Fire is a big-hearted, generous album. And it’s no wonder. Everything The Honey Trees do is a labor of love — from the songs they craft “to let people know they’re cared for no matter what,” to their merch and album art, which Becky, an illustrator, and Jacob, a graphic designer, make themselves. The magic they poured into Bright Fire may have been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. The Honey Trees are enchanting.



Sunday, February 02, 2014


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Heat Of The Night Ft. Dana Jean Phoenix *FREE BC DOWNLOAD* by Arc Neon From the upcoming E.P "Technicolor Workout" Coming Feb 15th credits released 30 January 2014 Music by Arc Neon Vocals : Dana Jean Phoenix Guitars : Zombie Hyper Drive