Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Invite's Choice Podcast 246 - Viktor Palmer by Invite

The 246th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice. This show with guest: Viktor Palmer The best way to capture Amsterdam-based artist Viktor Palmer is by his broad and refreshingly unconventional outlook on electronic music and its culture. Musical genres and their boundaries are of little interest to him. Instead he prefers to combine records based on their feeling and, by portraying their atmosphere, lay bare their soul. Amidst his musical explorations, one particular style does stand out. Serving as the main foundation for his run-ins with ambient, new wave, minimal synth and electronica, is techno. For Palmer it holds the essential necessities of dance music. Techno’s abstract, machine-like nature makes it the ideal pillar to shape his DJ sets around. Palmer’s roots trace back to one of Amsterdam’s finest recordshops: Distortion. Having worked there on a weekly basis for well over two years helped him develop a strong personal taste. Staying around past closing time to find that one particular record for a customer nurtured a similar urge within himself, one that now functions as a guide in his own musical discoveries. As sources of inspiration, Palmer cites Mika Vainio’s work on Sähkö, Jeroen Search’s recent tracks, Maurizio’s M-series and STL. Looking beyond techno he mentions Nadja, HTRK, Belong, Tropic of Cancer and Moritz von Oswald Trio. Palmer’s musical approach has landed him a residency with Amsterdams LET crew. The collective grants him a special kind of artistic freedom that allows for exploration during his sets. His efforts have not gone unnoticed and he has played numerous sets at Sandrien’s Imprint nights and at LET at TrouwAmsterdam. More info about Viktor Palmer: JP Enfant – Subconscious leverage (unreleased) Walter Murch – The fate of LUH 3417 Florian Kupfer – This society (Betrayal mix) STL – Fog and snow Tolouse low trax – Jeidem fall Privacy – Always on Keith tucker – Mind warp ERP – Vox automation Tadeo – Speaking aliens Morphology – Subsurface ocean Jeff Mills – Something in the sky 6 – B1 Luke slater – all exhale (Rude solo mix) Roger23 - Sb124-128 Joey Anderson – Back draft Third side – shit on me (Ra.H mix) Florian Kupfer – Problems Substance & vanqueur – Emerge 1 Ø - Kööpenhaminalainen Tulkinta PTU – Tuesday night (Dj Sotofett’s Laton 12 inch mix) part 2 Ø – Lasi Move D – Ovi Riese ArD2 – Inside the rock (Heinrich Mueller’s anti de sitter space remix) Next show my Choice will be: Korova For all news, Invite's Choice and other stuff about Invite follow him on Facebook: