Wednesday, March 04, 2015

mixED 13 - Lauer by Edwin Europe

The latest mixED release comes courtesy of Frankfurt-based producer, musician and DJ Phillip Lauer. Starting life dedicated to hip-hop and punk rock, Phillip finally succumbed to the pleasures of electronic music in the late nineties when he started to produce deep house tracks. We spotted Phillip Lauer as part of Arto Mwambe and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of his tracks. An amazing DJ, that you’ll often find playing at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt as well as a seasoned producer, working on projects such as Permanent Vacation, LIVE at Robert Johnson, DFA and a load more. Lauer has also managed to find the time to team up Gerd Janson under the Tuff City Kids alias, starting life as a remix project, the partnership quickly evolved to include original productions for labels like Unterton and Delsin.