Sunday, November 16, 2014

People Get Real - Mariana (Metis Recordings) by PeopleGetReal/JoinOurClub

Dark grooves and bouncing bass.. ▪ Erol Alkan - Enjoyed these, feels like a spirital partner to some of those brilliant Comeme releases. ▪ Optimo - Like both- stong release. Well done guys. ▪ Ivan Smagghe - Like the guys…. ▪ Brendon Moeller (Beat Pharmacy / Echologist) - YES! another killer release. ▪ Eric Duncan (Rub-n-Tug) - Kavachi is NICE! ▪ Krikor (Tigersushi) - I like Kavachi! it feels like the twilight zone, will play! ▪ Anton Zap (Ethereal Sound) - Cool! ▪ Cosmo Vitelli - Both sides are great, my still being Kavachi ▪ Terry Francis (Fabric) - Mariana is the one for me ▪ Matt Walsh (Turbo) - Two great guys from Newcastle that i can barely understand that make great music. love PGR. ▪ Remain (MEANT) - I love PGR's music. Kavachi's the one for me here! Full support! ▪ Nick Warren - A great release, love both tracks ▪ My Cousin Roy (The Wurst Music Co) - Kavachi reminds sounds like a lost Front 242 instrumental, in the best way possible. Mariana is pretty great, too. ▪ Monoblok & PSLKTR (MEANT) - Another great release ! we love People Get Real ▪ Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) - Feeling Marinia most ▪ Prince Language - Feeling Mariana, nice and deep... ▪ Alland Byallo - Mariana is slick. ▪ Rocky (X-press 2) - Niceness ▪ Alex from Tokyo - Beautiful cosmic soundtrack like music! I am feeling this. ▪ Passarella Death Squad - Another great release!! Love Kavachi ▪ Riotous Rockers (ASBO) - Great tracks, love these boys!