Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dirty9 - Pisica (Original Mix)[LTHM] by listentohousemusic

Dirty9 is no stranger to the world of music. He started his musical life at a young age studying classic piano and flute at the ‘Escuala Clasica De Musica Barcelona’ in Barcelona, Spain. He returned to his native county of Brazil, where a few years later he started music production and Djing. He continued with his love of music by organizing events all over South America as well as launching his own labels, Guilhotina Records and Urbanized Records. These days he is based out of Brooklyn, NY and working with CityFox , therecord label. We are very excited for his debut single to LTHM, Pisica. A track that displays imaginative mood pieces, seamless transitions, a highly conductive beat, and powerful momentum. The cut’s rock-solid chassis leaves the listener in a meditative mood without sacrificing precise energy for the dance floor.