Thursday, November 06, 2014

Erdbeerschnitzel - The Ample Waters [dsr-h8] by Delsin Records

Taken from the upcoming EP "Erdbeerschnitzel - The Ample Waters" dsr-h8 more previews + preorder: Hot on the heels of his last outing for the Delsin house series comes this, another essential new offering from German producer Erdbeerschnitzel. The experienced producer has many skills in his arsenal and this new EP proves that once again. The title track 'The Ample Waters' is a joyous and lively concoction that fuses curious melodies with busy little piano stabs and more trilling, sunny melodies. It's busy house for bustling dancefloors and next up, 'Never Tilt' slows things down with jumbled, woody percussion falling over lazy drums and stretched, yawning synth smears. Colourful and effervescent, it's a track that makes you want to shake your limbs. 'With Level Hopes' is again characterised by melodic colour, with pixelated patterns stretched over a funky, gooey bassline and clacking percussion. There's a beautifully DIY feel to the loosely assembled track that gives it a life all of its own before closer 'Yet Unfulfilled' pairs slo-mo beats with neo-soul vocal snippets, lazy and stoned summer chords. It's the most emotive of the lot, but all four tracks are truly feel good jams that have come just in time for some serious summer action.