Friday, November 07, 2014

Memorials by Laurel

Memorials is the 1st track from the new EP "Holy Water", out on 15th December. iTunes: Lyrics Say you waited for me didn’t know you did oh say I didn’t lie caus I didn’t breaking up, the screaming of our love I care too much, I care to much is it just the way you are is it just the way we are he don’t he don’t believe me and my young soul, is sold to his heart, he don’t, maybe he don’t love me, love me I'll sin with you, its a ceremony of you only but now I’m singing memorials all through my teenage righteousness I miss you most and missing you, really has no purpose but I still do it the older I get the more I learn, that you aren’t mine at the end of time I come, open wide for you got no calm collected cause this overdue