Sunday, February 22, 2015

CRM138 Skream - Still Lemonade (Redshape Remix) by Crosstown Rebels

"Still Lemonade was the first track I finished in a long time that felt completely happy with and ready to play out..I didn’t tell anyone it was by me when I first started playing it and the reaction was explosive...It gets one of the biggest reaction in my sets and is a perfect example of the direction I’m taking with my productions" ­- Skream A masterpiece for the peak time dancefloor ‘Still Lemonade’ sees melodic and emotive synth lines flow over rolling percussions with a powerful breakdown and build destined to make the crowd erupt. Over on the flip Redshape adds a grumble in the bassline, playing with the track for an intricate and subtle build but keeping in line with the original it soon progresses into a high intensity dance floor bomb.