Thursday, February 12, 2015


Welcome to the twelfth instalment of the Construct Mix Series, an irregular series of DJ mixes devoted to the world beyond the dancefloor. From experimental electronics and dark ambient to psychedelic pop and blissed-out indie, the direction of each mix is completely of the artist's choosing. In keeping with the series' broad remit, featured selectors will include label owners, journalists, promoters and collectors as well as DJs and producers. Mix Eleven is from producer, DJ and Circus Company cohort, Dave Aju. – Dave Aju (Circus Company) – San Francisco Bay Area native Marc Barrite’s alias Dave Aju has become a reliable name for fresh and expressive electronic music over the last decade, combining a deep knowledge and passion for dance music history with a fearless, forward-thinking approach to production and performance. A diverse range of influences, from his jazz upbringing and hip-hop roots to the outer realms of experimental rock and musique concréte can be heard in Aju’s unique sound. Dave Aju remixes, DJ sets, and live performances are in high demand at labels, clubs, and festivals across the globe. And now, following the success and praise for his debut album Open Wide – created entirely with his mouth, and the acclaimed autobiographical follow-up Heirlooms, Aju is more active than ever further developing his musical universe, including some promising collaborations such as the voice of Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts’ new band project The Side Effects, new works for Matthew Herbert’s Accidental label and more recently the release of his 3rd studio album, Black Frames. – ABOUT THE MIX – "This is a one-take vinyl mix of a few personal non-club classics that recall beautiful moments and people in my life. From the moment I first saw The Skull Sessions LP artwork in my father's collection as a kid, and being blown away at the first Tortoise show a good friend took me to almost 20 years ago, to landing in Brazil on tour with Arthur Verocai in the headphones, smashing down the 101 South freeway bumping J Dilla in summertime heat, or playing notorious SF bar nights with the Magnificent 7 DJ collective. Most of the records were just pulled from storage back home in the Bay Area last month and brought back overseas to Berlin, so in many ways this was like having a nice catch-up session with old friends while introducing them to some new ones I've met more recently. The mix was made in the cave with two Technics 1210 MK2s, a Rane Empath mixer, some pretty nasty back-up needles borrowed from Mike Shannon, and love." – FURTHER READING – Slices - Feature (Video) Wondering Sound / Feature Circus Company - Website Discogs RA – –