Saturday, August 09, 2014

TheDeep Residents 015 - Marcelo Mendez by TheDeepRoom

TheDeepResidents 015 - Marcelo Mendez Including: Cucumbers , Aytac Kart and Zep Denise , Tosel & Hale , Eddie M , Nora En Pure , Matvey Emerson , Anton Ishutin , Pete Oak and more! Every Friday a new episode by one of our Residents: Mickey Imperi > @mickey-imperi David Manso > @david-manso Marcelo Méndez > @marcelomendezofficial Tracklist on & Artwork by Mistarak > @planetmistarak Visit us on for weekly updates on Essential Tracks full of new releases, TheDeepResidents podcasts, Guest Mixes and more featured podcasts, artists and labels. Aired on Le Chic FM Radio > And also check out some of our previous releases: TheDeepResidents Collection Guest Mixes Collection LOCKED2DEEP!!!