Monday, August 04, 2014

Selects Mix 04 X Woodsman by Singles Club

Ahead of Issue 3, we asked Trevor of Woodsman to put together this month's Selects Mixtape. A snapshot of the groups influences, both past and present, you'll want to let this hour of psychedelia ease you into your work week. Track Listing: Burning Star Core - Clouds In My Coffee Amon Duul II - Cerberus Michael Rother - KM 05 Tortoise - Jetty Run DMT - Wacky Delly Black Dice - Island Aphex Twin - 4 Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy Isn't Ours - Pink Cloud Quicksails - Only Escape Kevin Drumm- Just Lay Down And Forget It (excerpt) The Books - All Our Base Belong To Them ----- Singles Club is a subscription record club & digital music journal published quarterly. Every quarter you’ll receive a 45 single featuring an exclusive track for the club along with the B-Side containing an interview with the artist. All paired with a digital journal containing written features, photo, video, and more viewable at