Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Black Merlin: Amazing Exotics MEGAMIX COTF 003 by Crimes of the Future

Megamix: Amazing Exotics (Adrian Tripod remix) > Full Denim Jacket > Amazing Exotics COTF 003 Black Merlin Amazing Exotics EP Tracklist: A1: Full Denim Jacket A2: Amazing Exotics B1: Amazing Exotics (Adrian Tripod Remix) All tracks written and arranged by George Thompson B1 Additional Remix and production by Timothy J. Fairplay and Scott Fraser Release date: 9th June 2014 For Crimes of the future number 3 we present the ubiquitous Black Merlin, Trevor Horn heads to Berghain at 3am Friday and stays til Monday..... Completing the release Timothy J. Fiarplay and Scott Fraser remix together for the first time in the Adrian Tripod mode, taking amazing exotics back deep into early 1990's New York and kicking it out bonesbreaks style.