Thursday, May 22, 2014

4. DWARF STAR (OFFSET REMIX) by Days_Of_Being_Wild

Taking his name from a famous cocktail of gin and sweet vermouth (amongst other ingredients) Gin Sling makes music that, like the drink is filled with contrasting elements. If the cocktail can taste acid and sweet at the same time, the Parisian based producer’s music has a weakness for strong dark atmospheres and heavy bass that he likes to cut with brighter touches and playful elements. Opener “Release the hats” set the tone for things to come. Intense and atmospheric, it leads you to believe that something very dark awaits you, but the introduction of heavenly pads and shimmering synths further down the line takes the track to a slightly more melodic light. And this is what makes Gin Sling such a special producer, he has a real talent for slowly shifting moods and feelings over the course of a track without the listener realising what’s happening. Second track Dwarf Star is built over a dry, staccato monster of a bass line. Subtle bleeps and ghostly voices provide a solid cinematic and spooky layer floating over the darkness. Giving its title to the EP, third track Der Bronson, continues the disturbed horror house vibe previously introduced but takes it further down into the basement. The music gets more dissonant with chimes and a repetitive pitched down voice making sure you’re not getting too comfortable. Closing the EP, we find the Offset remix of Dwarf Star, eying on the deep side of house but keeping the lights off and making sure the ghosts are still around. This time the beat is driving a bit more, with a snare sound and synth sequences recalling the glory days of EBM. The melodic elements are more prominent here, especially when a sudden harmony change lifts the track up to almost italo disco levels. This is a great EP, boasting edgy production and a bold sound like we like here at Days Of Being as well as a serious sense of tension and release.