Saturday, January 31, 2015

Origins by Max Cooper

iTunes - A few years ago I did a remix of a track by Dominik Eulberg called Sansula, which featured an instrument of the same name. After the release a builder of sansula instruments in the Netherlands was kind enough to give me one as a present in case I wanted to use one again in a live recording, which I have finally got around to doing now with this track! My process consisted of me sitting in my studio (badly) playing the thumb plucked sansula for quite a while, so that I could go back to the recording and pull out some useable loops as a starting point. I wanted a nice warm analogue chord progression to complement, but more in the high bass and low mids than my usual chord progression that's down really low, to fill the mix with the warmth as much as possible. The track still needed something though, so I turned to some spare recordings of my favourite vocalist - Kathrin deBoer, from some of our previous recording sessions. I didn't want to go for the usual full lyrical approach of a vocal collab track, I just wanted to add some small snippets of human feeling to round off the track properly. The release is coming out on Fields on the 1st of December along with an intense synth experiment with a Prophet 08, and beautiful remixes from David August and Throwing Snow. If you're not into buying music there is also a new website I have just launched which will be providing exclusive new free downloads for all in return for signing up to the website -