Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lost Twin - The tides by squaringthecircle

“The Mist” recalls a hypnotic, eerie landscape, a fog which slowly materialises over a lake in the deepest part of the woods. “Conundrum” sets the mise-en-scène with spectral voices that hover over organic pads and drones. “Snake snake” is the closest thing to hip-hop on the album, without compromising on a free structure where the rhythms are fractured and reconstructed, like a living entity, before giving way to the crystal-clear melodies and throbbing bass frequencies, over which the ethereal voice of Nimio oscillates in “Ego hunter”. Cascades of notes and phantasmagorical vocals reach their highest point with the ritual scenes of “Acuario de plantas”, putting an end to the record’s first half. “The Tides” opens the second half with a web of arpeggios and an emphatic rhythm section. “Gamelan” provides a few minutes of tense calm, preparing the listener for the fast-paced rhythm and the expansive textures of “The Inmost light”, before finishing with the ever-mutating “Coda”, featuring the contribution of the multitalented, brilliant Van Delay adding synth layers in a mesmerising conclusion.