Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Roller Coaster by Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca - Roller Coaster (Out Tomorrow on Atlas Chair Records) Roller Coaster Pick me up electric Take me in your sounds Truly so eccentric Your feet never touch the ground Me darlin I've been so bad Acting rowdy charmin You make me have Super sexual feelings Thinking I'm in love My heart bumped up through the ceiling Like Cupid struck me at your touch Me vicious I've been so bad It's so delicious The taste of innocence stripping away Strip it away Hands tied up in the air Like a rollercoaster Kiss me don't care That were getting closer Love me with no limits It's just a ride and were in it Got me feelin topsy turvy Played like a carnival game Makes me so damn horny I could never keep away I'm fallin and I'm so glad Acting clowny darlin You make me have Super sexual healin Let that record play Mirror up on the ceiling Watch the palm trees sway Delicious I wasn't born yesterday Kiss me vicious The taste of innocence Stripping awaay