Tuesday, June 03, 2014

4. Ivan Picazo - All the shadows in the sky by NOSTRAX

Ivan Picazo returns to Nostrax again after going through such major labels as Galaktika Records. He defined the identity of nostrax with their first ep The Traveller and now more motivated than ever returns to bet with four diverse originals styles which form complete ep that tells a great story completed by a remix house brand. The flame , a pump track with funk & disco sounds is the most effective track. The moment arrives with more techno's track called Chromatica, during his eight minutes journey between vocal and electronic sounds. The most unique style of the artist accommodates melodic techno also in this great ep All Your Shados In The Sky and runtime 10min transporting you from progressive house to tech energy . Blue is possibly the most dark underground track, minimalist sounds very forcefully. Alberto Sola and his pupil Elojet, finish the remix of The Flame with the typical slow motion of the label.