Thursday, August 27, 2020

How Much A Body Can Achieve - MOWUKIS

Undo Me And the futures I hold This rhythm I should know, my storie's told Dismantel the prose, untethered and exposed Just leave it a blank space Close the door Make it unclear, make it vulnerable I'd like to hear the birds Or whatever grammar the world kept from me Don't spell it I suppose Don't lower, don't oppose What are the odds I missed the score I'm the tree's branches and open core Untangle me Drill through the floor Spread the news that I'm out for a stroll And won't come back Walk past me Turn around We're crossing a red line We've left the track Defy the percentage All bodies at the edge of merging inside me Half this, half that You made your way Now wreck it all Don't leave a single tower standing Put on display One last call Then destroy the neighboor's house, wall to wall from Was this part of what you believed?, releases September 17, 2020 MOWUKIS is a solo project by Louis-Louise Kay. Written, composed, performed by Louis-Louise Kay & Angèle Towt. Mixed and Produced by Louis-Louise Kay Mastering by Cem Oral at "Jammin Masters" / Berlin Recorded at [partial:order] / France MARE NOSTRUM Records