Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ladies of Anatolian Pop vinyl set with Yemeksepeti Banabi - My Analog Journal

Eğer sen de dinlediği müziğe keyif katanlardansan sana bi' banabi lazım! 👉 ----------- #vinylonly #anatolianpop This is the fourth episode of the Sunday Brunch Sessions with the support of Yemeksepeti Banabi! Since this channel doesn't make any money out of Youtube and ads, it's very vital for us to get support from brands. So, thank you Yemeksepeti Banabi. They are a Turkish online food delivery company providing the facility to place food orders online from an affiliated network of restaurants without charging the user any extra fees. I made an episode of Turkish Female Singers back in August 2019 and the reaction from you was very positive. So I decided to make a new one. All records originally released in the '70s. I tried to pick my favorites but I must say there are tons of more records that didn't make it in the mix. Hopefully, I can make a third one in the future! In this mix, you will find some legends like Selda, Gulden Karabocek, Tulay, Seyyal Taner, and many more! Seyyal Taner ‎– Seni Çok Özledim (Yavuz Plak 1977) Rüçhan Çamay ‎– Ne Haber? (Hop 1976) Gökben ‎– Akılsız Başa Fayda Yok (1 Numara 1977) Neşe Alkan ‎– Boşuna Aldanmışım (Elenor Plak 1976) Cici Kızlar ‎– Gençlik ve Vakko İçin Söylüyorlar (Şat 1975) Tülay - Geceler (Kent 1974) Selda ‎– Dane Dane Benlerin (Turkuola 1971) Gülden Karaböcek - Gel Bari Bari (Original Release 1975 | Pharaway Sounds) Neşe Karaböcek - Yali Yali (Original Release 1977 | Pharaway Sounds)
 Kamuran Akkor - In misin Cin misin (Original Release 1973 | Pharaway Sounds) Aylin Urgal ‎– Paran Pulun Senin Olsun (Original Release 1975 | Black Pearl, Bosporus Bridges II) Figen Han ‎– Pisi Pisi (Original Release 1973 | Black Pearl, Bosporus Bridges III)