Monday, October 13, 2014

Handbook - Losing Touch | Darker Than Wax Free Download by DARKER THAN WAX

--Darker Than Wax Free Download Series-- Handbook - Losing Touch Handbook is a name that hardly needs a formal introduction. From the early days of 'Nomadic to his current offerings, he has established himself as one of the staple artists in this whole 'beat' universe and his signature sampling style remains for us, one of the deadliest too. Not one to root himself solely in the traditional sampling school, Handbook has actively been exploring other avenues and through that, has evolved into an artist with a newly added dimension. ' Losing touch' exemplifies just that, and we begin to see a more esoteric and deeper version of the Handbook approach - An approach that aligns with our spirit and ethos. #wemove Artwork by the Funk Bast*rd SEEK: The rest of the Free Download Series :