Monday, April 21, 2014

Language of Shapes - Stitches by LanguageofShapes

Recorded and produced by Language of Shapes. Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios Recorded in a living room. Lyrics Stitches For reasons that we may never know The gates to this labyrinth are locked but the maps been left behind And so to the heart of this monster we go Hand to hand, back to back with a fire in the mind. And from this wild and holy flame we emerge unscathed a writhing searing stellar snake kissed the earth and the sky awake. No sense of the fury no sense of the violent consequence of a species disappointed Hypnotized to worship obsolescence Opened to folds of space we've never known Stitches of skin and bone discarded for bodiless flight Beings of day dissolve in the night All the terror we've known just shadows for myopic eyes And from this pulsing nova gate we emerge reborn No longer human more like the snake Winged, crowned and rainbow scaled.. No space for the fury No space for the violent consequence Of an ego's disappointment Of a human need to feel love