Astènia d'Abril – Kitsch a la Cova

Kitsch a la Cova proposa una revisió estilística en clau sinistra i fosca del temari de Kitsch i de Mon a la Cova, amb temes nous i també versions emblemàtiques del que es coneix com a rock gòtic / fosc / maleït.

Astènia d'Abril (PreMix) from Kitsch a la Cova by Kitsch a la Cova

Curtains by Last Lynx

Get it on iTunes: http://ift.tt/1rfRYzO Connect with us on Facebook: on.fb.me/1gV308p ©2014 SoFo Records, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB. Artwork by: Martin Bejbom

Download: Navid Izadi Comin' by Mixmag

Another exclusive courtesy of mixmag.net Crew Love have been taking their show on the road via a double-decker party bus and the Carnivale tour makes its first stop in Manchester tonight before heading to Paris, Amsterdam and closing things off in London this Easter Sunday. Of course the whole crew will be there and to celebrate we've been given this fantastic free download of 'Comin' by Navid Izadi. This bumping house roller should get you nicely in the mood for some Crew Love antics. http://ift.tt/1isZjcj

Movement - Ivory by modularpeople

MOVEMENT EP out May 2 (Aus), May 5 (UK/Euro), May 6 (US) Pre-order and get 'Like Lust' now: http://ift.tt/1ohoYpK Movement Tour Dates: Fri 9 May - Coolangatta Hotel Gold Coast (supporting RUFUS) Sat 10 May - The Tivoli Brisbane (supporting RUFUS) Sun 11 May - The Tivoli Brisbane (supporting RUFUS) Thurs 22 May - Shebeen Melbourne Fri 23 May - Rocket Bar Adelaide Fri 30 May - Spectrum Sydney Thurs 5 June - Black Bear Lodge Brisbane Fri 6 June - Beach Hotel, Byron Bay Mon 16 June - Ace Hotel Basement, Shoreditch, London Sun 22 June - FOR Festival, Hvar Croatia. Tickets: http://po.st/s1FxCD http://ift.tt/1fgTmzp http://ift.tt/1dUKav6 http://ift.tt/1aXTHoT


EXPLOITED PODCAST #34: Round Table Knights by Exploited

PLAYLIST: 01. Motion Studies - Matter Of Time 02. Shit Robot feat Museum Of Love - Dingbat 03. Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel - Ikizukuri 04. Vondelpark - California Analog Dream (Factory Floor Remix) 05. Kornel Kovacs - Szikra (Bonus Beat) 06. Josh Tweek - Space Kitchen 07. Soulphicition - Mind & Body 08. T.S.O.S. - Over And Over 09. Spaventi Dazzurro - Lonely (Crunchy Club Mix) 10. Alton Miller - Inner 8 (Gerd’s No Vox Mix) 11. Marcellis - Because LINKS: http://ift.tt/1l6KWcX http://ift.tt/1hWC3EK http://ift.tt/Y03Wi5

Taso - droga de diseño (Feat. El Coleta) by Post Club

El norteamericano Taso -que pisará la tarima de Post Club, junto a Om Unit, este viernes 11 de abril, a partir de la medianoche en Siroco- nos ha regalado este droga de diseño. Un edit, bootleg -o como ustedes quieran llamarlo- a 160 Bpms en el que dispara muestras vocales del singular rapero del madrileño El Coleta, quien también nos deleitó con su directo en Post Club, allá por febrero de 2013. En otras palabras más propias de nuestra querida mascota, El Armadillo: Post Club ha conseguido sintetizar lo mejor de cada barrio, de un lado y de otro del gran charco, para crear el arma de baile definitiva. Ahora las Uzis -por Taso- destrozan tímpanos y las "chirlas" -por El Coleta- terminan de rematarlos. Lo habíamos soñado, pero nunca imaginamos que el footwork del californiano cuadraría tan excelentemente con la voz desgarrada y los fraseos neoquinquis del de Moratalaz. Todavía no entendemos cómo ha podido suceder esto pero una cosa tenemos clara: Post Club es pura droga de diseño. Y sin cortar.

Language of Shapes - Stitches by LanguageofShapes

Recorded and produced by Language of Shapes. Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios Recorded in a living room. Lyrics Stitches For reasons that we may never know The gates to this labyrinth are locked but the maps been left behind And so to the heart of this monster we go Hand to hand, back to back with a fire in the mind. And from this wild and holy flame we emerge unscathed a writhing searing stellar snake kissed the earth and the sky awake. No sense of the fury no sense of the violent consequence of a species disappointed Hypnotized to worship obsolescence Opened to folds of space we've never known Stitches of skin and bone discarded for bodiless flight Beings of day dissolve in the night All the terror we've known just shadows for myopic eyes And from this pulsing nova gate we emerge reborn No longer human more like the snake Winged, crowned and rainbow scaled.. No space for the fury No space for the violent consequence Of an ego's disappointment Of a human need to feel love

Createna Marshall

via Instagram ift.tt/1h5uASg http://flic.kr/p/nfPKVG



via Instagram ift.tt/1i2Wf85 http://flic.kr/p/nfYb2z

Snipp B2 - Steven Cock - Black Soul - Original AMA015 by Ama Recordings

Ama Recordings is the label Mannheim’s Ray Okpara has been running since 2010 and for its 15th outing turns to Nekes and Steve Cock for five tracks of irresistible tech house. Nekes is the Greek born boss of Oslo, another tech house label known for its consistently engaging output, and the label where he has released most of his music to date. The Germany based producer’s first cut, ‘Thank You Neighbour’ is a rolling steely cut with tightly locked beats and bass, an involving electronic pulse at its heart and the sort of clipped groove that it is impossible to ignore. ‘Donmakoto’ is a slightly slower, deeper, warmer affair with low down bass, rubbery kicks and hooky little percussive wiggles that bring plenty of dynamic movement to the loopy drums below. Buyers of a digital persuasion will also get treated to digi-only bonus ‘Dagles’, a dubbed out roller with sonorous chords and stripped back design that really weaves its way under your skin. Steve Cock is another German producer with a reputation for crafting fine dancefloor bombs. They have come on labels like Cargo Edition and Avida Musik before now and manage to embody influences from a much wider musical sphere. Cock’s first jam is ‘Cycles’, which indeed rotates in catchy little circles, where flappy kicks under pin shimmying percussive patterns and various other loops drop in and out to hypnotic effect. Completing his brace of contributions is ‘Black Soul’, which rattles and rumbles as a non-descript male vocal mutters up top. It’s slowly building stuff that builds and builds the tension, eventually releasing it with some lush and liquid jazzy chords. It’s feel good stuff that demands to be played on a terrace under warm sun. With this EP Ray Okpara’s label re-establishes high quality levels for the tech house genre and reminds us just how essential a genre it is when done properly.